Risen Savior Soccer Camp
2017 "Victory is the Goal!" Youth Soccer Camp
  • June 21-23 (Wednesday-Friday) @ Pooler Rec Complex
  • ages 4-12 ($20 registration fee...register by June 7th to be guaranteed a camp t-shirt)
  • 6:00-8:30 pm
  • soccer drills & games, camp t-shirts, drinks, and FUN!
  • chance to win a Kindle Fire HD
  • Soccer Camp Awards Sunday & BBQ...Sunday, June 25th @ 10:00 am
2017 Soccer Camp Registration

Fill out registration and waiver form completely. Mail it and the $20 registration fee to Risen Savior (1755 Quacco Rd., Pooler). This will secure your child's spot in the camp - space is limited.

Camp and weather updates can be found on Risen Savior's and Risen Savior Christian Academy's Facebook pages.


All camp sessions emphasize individual ball skills as well as fun games to put those skills into practice and develop teamwork. From fun introductory sessions for the youngest players to more intensive technical and tactical sessions for advanced players, all players are grouped by age and ability to ensure the best balance of fun, challenge, teamwork, and skill development.
  • Dribbling: shielding, one-on-one skills, footwork, turning
  • Passing: accuracy and technique, using both feet
  • Shooting: power, accuracy and technique with both feet
  • Receiving: proper technique using different parts of the body
  • Goal Keeping: proper technique, positioning, strategy
  • Conditioning: stretching, warm-up and cool-down exercises
  • Teamwork: strategies, awareness, cooperation, group success

Drop-off and Pick-up

On the first day of camp, please bring your child to the soccer fields located at the Pooler Recreation Complex behind the Pooler YMCA. We will be on Field 12...at the back to the left of the football stadium.

You will need to complete a brief registration form if you haven't already mailed it in beforehand. At that time your child will be escorted to their team area by one of the group leaders. Your child will remain with their group and group leader throughout the course of the evening until they are signed back out again. You will sign your child out by proceeding to their group area (please be prepared to present a photo ID to the coach). If someone other than a parent/guardian is picking the child up we must know about it in advance.

Children should be dropped off by 5:50 pm and picked up no later than 8:35 pm.

After the first day of camp, please take your child to their group location for sign-in. Your child will likely remember where he or she was the day before and can lead you there. Directions, rosters, and group assignments will be posted at the registration tent to assist you in finding your child’s area.

What to Bring

  • Athletic shorts/shirt (after the first day wear camp t-shirts)
  • Shin guards (required)
  • Soccer shoes (recommended but not required)
  • Your favorite soccer ball (make sure your name is written on it). Under 10, size 4 is best. Extra soccer balls will be available if needed.

* There is no need to bring water bottles and snacks. Water, Gatorade, and snacks will be provided daily.

Weather Policy

We generally will play through light rain if the children are comfortable doing so, and ask participants to bring proper clothing and gear. If the rain is heavy or long-lasting or lightening in the area (alert system), there will be shelters available...after the weather subsides, the participants will go back onto the fields and continue the camp as scheduled. If the forecasted weather/weather makes it impossible to even begin camp...we will have announcements posted on both Risen Savior's and Risen Savior Christian Academy's Facebook pages.
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